Prompt Guide

Learn how to create vectors

Prompt: Prompts are descriptions you provide and our model will create images based on what you describe. For example, you can ask for a pineapple and the model will give you image of a pineapple.

Negative prompt: Negative prompts are What you don't want to be included in the image. It is good for controlling the quality and also glitches which may happen according to the model not understanding your prompt.

Prompt Examples

a cute cat wearing a bowtie

an astronaut riding a horse

a pineapple

a woman working on her laptop

ocean waves, red and orange

a man wearing a suit.

What are different styles?

No style: If you choose none of the styles from the menu, you'll get a generic vector image.

Pixel Art: If you like the vibe of NES games or your need is pixel art, choose this one.

Logo: Creates sleek and minimalistic logos based on your prompts. Suitable for quick ideas!

Sticker: Makes beautiful and printable stickers. All of them are die-cut and ready to print.

Background: Makes abstract vector art for posters, catalogues and websites. Just give it some colors.

Icon: Creates business icon styles, like what you can create at StorySet or other similar platforms.

Styles Examples

No style

Pixel Art