frequently asked

Vecentor is a state-of-the-art generative model and platform which helps you create "vector" images from text prompts. We embraced the power of both diffusion and language models in order to help designers and frontend developers.

Surprisingly, it also is called Vecentor. It is a generative model which takes your text and generates respective SVG codes.

While dealing with other image generators such as Midjourney, bing or even our other product Mann-E, you only get PNG or JPG images. Those images are good for quick content creation, but they're not suitable for designers or frontend developers or even graphic designers who need 'editable' images. Vecentor gives you the opportunity of making as much as editable images you need!

It depends how many concurrent users are online, but usually less than 30 seconds!

Currently we're not supporting transparent SVGs or background removal, but it'll be added if people request for that!

Well, they're not generative AI!

Not yet. We'll release models in a few months. Stay tuned!

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